All-Star The Best Gift You've Gotten After Competing

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Mar 31, 2010
Not sure if there's a post on this already but it's worth a shot!

What's the best/most unique gift you've gotten after getting off the performance floor?

I know some give medals, t-shirts, shoe tags, and sometimes pins, but what's your or your cp's favorite?
I've gotten bags, but my favourites are towels! I got one at Aloha Spirit in Hawaii, and one at Canadian Nationals in Niagara Falls.
This past season I didn't drink any kind of carbonated drink allllll season. And on the last competition I told my mom if anything happens in the routine that could cost us a bid please have a sprite waiting for me when I get done competing! Hahah that was the best sprite I'm going to start my water only "diet" again in June ! Best way to get in shape, well for me that is
at my extreme spirit nationals comp, we got these nicce columbia national champion jackets! They are so warm!!