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Oct 25, 2010
So now that unlimited and semi coed have been redesigned and rules/limits have changed, what programs/teams will be in these two divisions?
can someone tell me what the new divisions will be? I can't seem to find this info anywhere. thanks
Tribe is having tryouts this week, and we are defintely looking at combining our Unlimited and Small Limited from this last season, taking our top 30 athletes, and going into the Medium Coed Division.

Someone from Top Gun said a while ago that they are intending to go back to large coed.

I remember them saying that as well. I think Victor even said it during the webcast of the meeting dicussing the rule changes. Excited to see them move back into this division. Wondering though what they will do with the extra girls or if they just have that many senior girls.
i can't wait to know which programs would have a large coed team and i agree with @cheerKT , i also want GA to be back on large coed