All-Star This May Be A Dumb Question....

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When you say program do you mean like a paper program that you can buy at competitions that says the performance order? Or a program as in a cheerleading/dance gym as a whole?
program meaning cheer program, so say that a competition says u must bring 90% of ur program, and u have 5 gyms, dance teams, open teams (non international), and special needs team?
ohh i know what your talking aabout now your talking about this weekends comp arent you and how you need to bring at least 90% of your gym to qualify for the worlds bid i got it. i think we are taking most of our entire program anyway. I mean arent all our teams going to this comp? So that would be 90% right??
no in the company in general, i need a clear answer on whether 90% means of all x gyms, or of the gym competing for the bid, also including dance/special needs/ and open cheer?
If you're talking a program like Cheer Extreme, their program would be EVERY gym they have that has the name Cheer Extreme All-Stars. Some programs only have one gym, aka my old gym, Core Athletix. But we are still considered a program. Basically a gym/gyms who have the exact same name.
Now what about dance special needs and open cheer

Those are team at the gym, are they not? Hahah I would say they are part of the program, but as for the competition you're asking about, I have no clue if those would be included in the 90%. Although I feel like they would count because they are a part of the program.
For dealing with something as serious as a worlds bid questions I would recommend that you contact the competition organization directly to get a straight and precise answer to your direct question. Not that fiercers don't know it all in true fact..
I went and looked at the schedule for this weekend's competition and now I realize why you are asking this question.