Tips On Getting A Full

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Dec 14, 2009
I have been working on my full for a few tumbling classes now and I am doing really well with it. I can spin easily but i tend to get lost in the air and land on my knees? Any tips on how I can fix this and land my full.
get spots and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! also do some conditioning with core... make sure to hit a layout position and then twist really tight and turn you head and you whole body... yeahh:)
If you are setting a nice tight layout then work on keeping your head in as you full and spot over your shoulder for a spot on the wall as you finish the twist to help give you some awareness of where you are in the skill and prepare you for the landing. Make sure you are using your hips to twist too, not letting your body 'break' in the twist, that your head and shoulders-hips-legs are all twisting together, that REQUIRES setting 1st and tight, not twisting too early. Make sure you finish with your hips as you come around may help with a sharper clean landing and avoid bailing to your knees.

GOOD LUCK keep working those skills!!
Not open for further replies.