Tips on landing a standing tuck?

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Make sure you're jumping straight up and really pulling your knees to your chest FAST! It's a really fast motion. Also, make sure you set with your arms by or behind your ears.

Setting with your arms behind your ears s the ultimate set and will automatically stat to rotate you backwards, so that when you pull your knees to your chest in a fast, quick motion, you will make it around in time to land directly on your feet.

Keep trying!
Do a lot of straight jumps!!!! and also grab a pull up bar and pull ur knees to your hands, and make sure you can do a backwards roll! I know it sounds strange but you would be surprised how well those 3 drills work!!! Hit me up for any other questions!!!
when you ride have your arms completely straight and your head in and also pull super tight with your arms right under your kneeees it really helped me doing that i used to have the same problem :)
hey makayla ! i know i could just tell you at practice ! i know you keep your knees behind you ! pull then in front of you ! and flex your feet, try not to point them when coming now ! :) see you thursday !

everyone is talking about knees to chest,which is needed, but u dont wanna be in such a tight ball.
trying leading your tuck with your toes so your feet hit the floor first!
1) Keep your chest UP! If you drop your chest back/down, your going to go back/down
2) Keep PULLING!
3) Remember these: Jump, Set, Pull, Land:)
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