All-Star Top 5 for Worlds Small Sr limited Divison

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I know there is another thread about this..but, in no order:
Gym Tyme
Cheer Athletics

But, you never know who is going to drop and who is going to, it's near impossible to predict top 5
random order ... Tribe, Brandon, GT, Kentucky Elite, ICE, Reign, Cheer Athletics, Rock Star, ___ , ___
top ten in random order: gymtyme, tribe, brandon, KE, star athletics, cheer athletics, maryland twisters, ICC, Ice, KC cheer...
seriously this division is JAM PACKED! My dream top 3 is (in no particular order): ICE, Brandon, Kentucky Elite. All 3 are just so darn talented I can't choose just one! and then there's Tribe and Gymtyme who are both VERY amazing themselves! IMO this is going to be the best division at worlds! Some amazing choreography and skill coming out of this division this year!

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