College Transitioning From An Ag Hs Team To A Coed College Team?

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im not in college but i cheer for my high school ag team and this year i joined a coed team outside of school. it really wasnt that much of a change at alll so i wouldnt worry. if you could maybe try and go to a clinic or if you know any guy cheerleaders maybe ask them to stunt with you sometime? i know a girl who is getting private coed stunting classes from a coach at her gym
not hard at all. definitely recommend going to clinics. almost all colleges hold clinics for anyone in grades 9 - 12 to attend. gyms also have stunting clinics and that is HIGHLY recommended! flying coed is different then on all girl so you'll need to get used to it and there's no where better then at a gym.
My daughter made the transition 3 yrs ago. She did AG in HS and in All Star. She was able to get some stunting lessons from guys at a nearby college(2 hours away) during their open gym nights . She also flew out to particiapte in a cheer clinic for one of the schools she was interested in. If you can visit the school you are interested in and work with that team prior to tryouts, you will gain so much more than just skills! I wish you success !!! Keep us posted on how it goes.
Funny you ask, Ryan Martin and I were asked this same question for ask a college cheerleader. You can check it out and any other questions you have about cheering in college on!
I remember Ryan Martin! She cheered for Paul Laurence Dunbar High School and UK before joining Alabama!
I honestly don't fly at all only like once a year for uca training week....i usually do ag. but let me tell you if you're comfortable flying going from ag to coed won't be a prob. i learned how to coed in less than 5 mins and I think it's so much easier. yes there is a little difference in how you hold your weight but I found it really easy.