High School Tryout Form Help?

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Jul 23, 2010
I am the captain of my high school team and it is my responsibility to come up with the tryout sheet that everyone must fill out just to give us a general background of themselves and their previous experience. I also have no clue how to start with this because I've never made one before and I'm afraid I will forget something. Do you guys have any suggestions for what I should put on it/ what I should ask?
name, grade that they are going into, teams they have cheered for, what tumbling they can do if any, etc.
Name, grade, email, which team(s) they would like to try out for, grade point average/class rank, stunting positions, tumbling skills, previous cheer experience, extracurriculars, how they think they could benefit the team, and why they want to be on the team.
how many years of experiance,where did they cheer before(if all star which level), highest tumble pass,have them like check off what stunts they can do, what stunting position(s) they are, ask them questions like your favorite part of cheeerleading or like why they want to be a part of the squad :)
Thank you all! I should also mention that this is the competition team, there is almost never going to be a time when we cheer at games
mine is like:
what grade they will you be going into?
have you cheered before? what type (rec, allstar etc.)
any activities that may interfere with cheering?(jobs, clubs, activities)
why do you want to be a cheerleader?
and then like contact info and stuff.
hope this helps!:)