All-Star Twisted Athletics - Bloomington, IL - Dec. 4

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Two Time Defending Champion, Board Comedian
Dec 14, 2009
Who's going and what teams?

Platinum Athletics is bringing:
Senior Hip Hop
Sm. Mini 1
Sm. Senior 1
Large Senior 2
Sm. Senior 3
Large Senior 4
Small Limited Coed 5
Yes - This event ran and it was GREAT!

It was a small event - In attendance from what I remember was ICE of Indiana, Platinum Athletics, GAGE Cheer, Cheer Illinois, BCE Flyers, and some other smaller gyms - I only remember these gyms because we competed against them. I know that there were more though! There were also a few dance teams!

For being a FIRST YEAR event, it was great. Here were some perks:

1. CHEAP: Registration Fee was only $45/athlete + a new toy that was donated to Toys for Tots. Dont let the price fool you, this was no a cheaply ran event!

2. THEMED: It was a Christmas theme and VERY FUN and decorative.

3. AMAZING JUDGING: The judges were all previous judges who judged Worlds. Our scoresheets were GREAT! They were FILLED with constructive comments and were VERY accurate. Our level 5 scoresheets were filled with comments like "To max out, try this" and on top of that, the judges caught us after the competition to give us ideas to better our routine and max out more. Results were SOOO dead on! I hate when I get scoresheets back, we get second place, and there are no comments. The comments were also fun to read to the kids. Here is an example from our scoresheets (this was from our jumps - we had two separate sections) "YES! YES! YES! Oh c'mon guys - give me that second jump sequence like you did the first!!!" One of my kids said it best when they told me "I like that they are just being completely honest and having a good time judging, it seems like they wanted to be there"

4. CHEERLEBRITIES: The competition company is Owned by Famous Choreographer, LUKE JOHNSON! Working the DJ booth and annoucing was industry leader in music - JR LOCKLAYER. I am sure I am missing some other people. It was great seeing big named people at the event helping out. Our kids thought it was SOOO COOOL to meet who did their music last year!

5. ABOUT THE KIDS: This competition gave a lot back to the kids. On top of the typical trophy you get for your placement, ALL COMPETITORS recieved a Twisted Athletics Shirt (This was no cheap shirt, it was a big flashy designed one from Twisted Threadz) Also, all First place teams received CUSTOM BOWS in their teams colors. The kids THOROUGHLY enjoyed that the most I think!

There are more positive things to say, but those are the key points!

Here is a picture of the floor and backdrop. The floor was black, which I thought was cool, and the backdrop is also unique:

I know next year Twisted will have over 10 competitions nationwide. Dont QUOTE ME, but I think some of the cities are Columbus, Atlanta, somewhere and Texas, and I think I heard Luke said Maryland, I will direct Luke this way, and maybe he can add something more.
Got more more insight - Next year will consist of about 7 or 8 new locations. The website is still in the process of being at 100% but you can check out for more info!