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Mar 25, 2010
since i'm really special and put this in the allstar section the first time, and am too lazy to ask king to move it, i'm just reposting it lol

who is going to UCA college nationals? :)

like i've said before, don't be afraid to come say hi, i promise i don't bite :)
and i'm really easy to find lol

peace, love, and happy cheering

Good luck to you guys.
LSU will be there representing!!! And watch for the Tiger Girls hip hop routine... It's even sicker than last years! Good luck to everyone competing this weekend.
Anybody know where to find the live feed of partner stunts tonight (if there is one)? I've had about 5 people ask me but I have no idea!
I've been trying to find it. Varsity says that you can watch the live feed starting on the 14th...maybe it isn't up yet???
Varsity don´t have a live feed, but they post the Videos really quick last year. Mascot results are out, so i think they will be first uploaded the vids of Mascots. Can´t wait to see kenny´s PS routine, i heard they are really impressive.
Argh, I want to see the videos...didn't expect CSU to take 1st, 2nd, AND 4th in partner stunting. SFA being 6th and below was a huge surprise to me!
I would have to say that UCA got the group stunt ranking just right.

1. Morehead was clearly the best, as they put up some extremely hard stuff, and some stuff I've never seen before (i.e. ball full around immediate, bhs full up, lib full around). Also, they were the cleanest out of all the groups.

2. Oklahoma City was overall decent, but had two of the best stunts (besides some of the Morehead stunts) in the competition- rewind with two girls doing 1 arm, and a SINGLE BASE toss target. Never seen that before!

3. Hawaii Pacific was good, and it prob was close between them and the 4th place UofL group. The problem is that neither them or Louisville did anything spectacular. You can heard the crowd, as they politely cheer for all of the stunts. Hard routines, but nothing eye opening like the first two groups. HPU did have the only double twisting double flipping basket of the competition, which I think put them ahead.

4. Louisville group #1. Same as HPU, good, but nothing spectacular. When you get to this level, you need to do something that no one has ever seen before. Doesn't matter if you were first out of taping, or if you "hit" your routine.. If its not innovative, and doesn't make the crowd scream, then not gonna place as well as teams that do.

5. Louisville group #2. Good, but definitely didn't hit their routine close to what im sure they're capable of. Nothing spectacular, but the three high tick tocks were cool.
linking internally to the Varsity site is notoriously bad. Go to click on the UCA College Nationals picture (which is the big, main pic) and the Nationals page will pop up. There is a tab for results, and a tab for videos (mascot and partner stunts videos are up)
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