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Mar 25, 2010
Hello, my cp is a Jr this year, so it's time we start narrowing down her college choices! Basically she is looking for a cheer school that has a good Athletic Training program, and is leaning towards UCF... Is there anyone on the boards who has gone there or knows a lot about the school/cheer program? Thanks!!!
UCF is one of the top Division I-A cheer programs in the country. The Golden Knights have won the UCA title in 2003 and in 2007 and has finished in the top 5 for a number of years.
UCF is one of the LARGEST Universities in the country, great academics and the cheer program is top notch. Very hard core, early morning work outs, and tough practices. Its one of the top coed programs in the country, notorious for TINY fliers with great tumbling! The cheer team is kid of their own frat/sorority and they eat, sleep, breath cheer which some love and some can't handle. I've coached kids that are there now and many friends that previously cheered there. Orlando is a GREAT town and the University is growing daily (academically and athletically). I wish you and your cp the best of luck! If you would like more info or contacts please feel free to PM me and I'll do all I can to help!
UCF was one of the schools I looked at a few years ago. If you haven't I recommend visiting the school, maybe trying to go to a game, and see if you can meet with the coach or watch a practice. The campus and school is awesome! I loved it the it, it just ended up being farther than I wanted to go. I can't really offer anything on the cheer program because I have no affiliation, but they are very talented and have built a great program in the last 10 years or so. Good luck deciding! It's a hard thing to do, but I personally think that when you visit schools, you know which one feels right.