All-Star Un-leveld Teams...

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Jul 2, 2011
Is it just me or is this you too?
dont you hate it when you see a team that has more lower leveld skills than there actual level...

example: a level 5 team with 6 stunt gropes and 2 full up to the top and 3 double down and the rest single?

example: 20 members on a team and only 10 do jumps to back the other 10 just do a tuck jump?

this is my cheer pet peve... whats yours?
When teams have a chant they call between performances throughout the day.
Cheer websites that sell the customer information so we get a lot of foreigners calling (from an Ohio phone number) trying to get our full credit card info under false pretenses. :mad:
Girls who are forced to do fulls when they bearly have a layout. At competitions having heart attacks, girls throwing fulls so low there ponytail is touching the floorr.