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Dec 28, 2009
I guess this could go in All-Star, but I don't want to clog it up with my non-important post... :) I'm trying to design new uniforms for next year, and I stink at it. I feel like everything has been done, and I'm not into crazy/weird/out there stuff. I like clean. I had a uniform in mind but it was mainly white which I love, BUT we also need a uniform that will last for 3 seasons.
Anyways, I know some people are great at this sort of thing, so if anyone is bored and wants to design some uniform ideas for me, I would be FOREVER grateful. The colors are black, white, and teal and would have the logo on it that can be marked with a circle (that's the shape of the logo). No shorts. Any takers??
I was bored and gave it a shot :).......I wasn't sure of the gym name or the actual logo so I just improvised and tried to keep it simple and clean:

Sorry if its kind of big.