USASF Regional Mtg: Great Lakes

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Dec 15, 2009
I will be reporting information during breaks from the regional meeting in Cleveland. Anyone feel free to chime in! :)
Thanks, it'll be great to hear what goes on there.

Glad you could attend.
Opening Session: good talk on changes/future of USASF. Gyms will be required to be USASF certified to attend USASF sanctioned events. More info coming Fall 2011.
Talk from IEP:

- IEP (22 companies) wrote USASF a letter saying if they handed down a universal scoresheet, they would follow it.

- IEP companies combined make up 47% of Worlds Bids (100 bids).
I'm glad the IEP (Independent Event Producers) are sending the message they will stand behind this decision if made by the USASF. It's a good sign of everyone coming together to help reinforce the importance of a governing body.
Who are they? Id love to get them on the board.

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From the Atlanta Regional meeting thread:

Scott Watkins is introducing the Independent Event Producers group. It's 24 event producers that, while smaller, awarded 47% of all Worlds bids in 2010.

(ed. this group needs to remain strong and viable for the good of the industry)

- Courtesy of ACEDAD.
Open forum: a lot of talk on what characterizes a "gym" or "program" when discussing competing with more than one team at a competition. USASF states that nothing will change in rules this year, but it's an open topic. It was stated that as of this year a member still can not compete at the same event with more than one program (I.e. Not allowed to compete on a "joint" level 5 team AND on a lower level team from their original gym).
Thanks for the updates hotcheercoachcaliegh. Keep them coming!
Thanks for the updates!! Really hope this universal scoresheet goes through... I think it's something we really need.
One of the owners of Worldwide Spirit Association was the individual who presented the topic.

I think it was Scott Watkins, the same person that presented in Atlanta. Scott works for WSA, but isn't an owner.

If it was an owner it was probably Darren DeMoss.