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Dec 15, 2009
The level system is slightly tweaked every so often but the usasf and members are hesitant to make major changes. So when changes are up, new levels being proposed, tweaking a universal score sheet, etc. why not have some low cost, low frills test events to test changes, sort of like when gymnStics went to a new scoring system. There could be incentives to gyms for participating, I.e. Free credentialling or having safety certification at the same event.

With enough participation and fully published score sheets we could see proposed changes without having the weight of living with them for an entire season. Then fair votes could be taken.
Love this idea. I mentioned something like this earlier. I think the two things every gym wants (besides bids) for their team are mat time and people to compete against. These events would be great to try out new ideas and give their kids a chance to compete in front of a crowd and gain experience.

Let's say I am NCA and I want to try out not only a new scoresheet but my new athlete tracking system. I would go to a local high school, invite any local gyms that might be in the Dallas area (I heard there are a few) and setup these test environments. What downsides do people see?
I talked to some local coaches and try as we might, the only downside for a company, let's go with NCA, is they and me could come up with is that said company would consider the event a waste of time. It would nit make a lot of money, and NCA is so prestigous that they can implement whatever changes they want within reason and people will come, if it doesn't work out then they just scrap it.
The only company I can see who would consider these events advantageous is the usasf and any company looks beyond the bottom line. (aka most likely noone).

These kind of things will be great but it, like everything we are working towards in the industry, it will take some pushing from us to convince event producers it would be worth it.