High School Using Splits In Stunt Sequences.. Legal?

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Feb 11, 2011
Sorry if this annoys anybody. I just posted the same thing in the 'is this legal' section but I need an answer asap. Cause if this stunt is illegal it means changing the enitre opening sequence 2 weeks before comp.. oh god haha. Anyway..

So, in my high school's routine there is a stunt where the flyer is dropped to a sort of suspended split. I wish I had a video, but it's more or less a show and go cupie, then she drops to a split (not a stradle), and is then pushed back up to the cupie. THe flyer maintains fists on hips throughout the enitre transition, the base's hands are both on the foot for the cupie, when the flyer drops one hand stays on the foot, and the other traces up leg until the split bottoms out, then pushes back up (hand traces back to the foot). There is a front spot in place that catches/throws thighs and the backspot does the same with the butt.. THe stunt is very fluid, like the counts are cupie 1-2, drop to split 3-4, back up to cupie 5-6. I thought this was totally legal considering the rules, but I seemed to have overlooked the last portion.. In the rule's section below, what EXACTLY is a non-braced suspended split? And according to part 'C' does that make this stunt illegal because the flyers hands are on her hips? I cannot imagine how the stunt would be possible if the bases had to give up one hand to the flyer's as there wouldn't be sufficient support, or if this is the case, can the flyer grab the hands of the front spot? Or is this section of the rules totally irrevelant to the stunt i'm describing? please answer asap!! =)

11. Non-braced suspended splits in a transition are allowed provided all of the following conditions are met:
a. There are a total of four bases that support the top person.
b. At least three of the bases must support under the legs of the top person, and the fourth base may support under the legs or make contact with the hands of the top person.
c. The top person must have hand contact with bases during the split portion of the transition.
In my experience with the stunt, the flyer would catch herself/push off of the bases shoulders in the split. The bases maintain contact with the foot and thigh of the flyer, backspot catches butt, and front catches thighs. I think that's what it means by the top person needing hand contact with the bases... at least that's how I've done it in the past and I've seen others do it that way as well. Hope this helps!
A team in my area did a stunt like this... they did half show n go down to split push back up into heel stretch. They got best stunts at one competition so it must have been legal, in MA atleast...
Thanks for the replies guys!! I actually randomly realized that I had a friend who works UCA staff in the summer and checked with 'higher ups' for me hah. CoachTay you are correct, I read the rules as meaning the flyer needed hand to hand contact, when in reality they just need to touch the bases. Funny thing is, when I learned the stunt, I learned it by going to a split, and throwing back up and the flyer would double to a cradle and the flyer used to push off the shoulders. Somewhere along the way when either I taught my experiment stunt group before teaching the team and the team actually learning it, someone decided it was easier to keep fists on hips haha. Thanks guys!!