Using Your All Star Team Stunts For Your High School Team

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How do you guys feel about this?

I was a flyer on a high school team and my group was pretty strong so we loved trying new stunts. One of the bases was on a level 4 team and she would sometimes "come up" with ideas for us to try. It turns out they were moves from her all star team (Cheer Extreme's Salem gym, to be exact) and she would bring in what she learned, tell us how to do it, and then viola! We had a level 4 stunt.

It made me think if theres a morality issue here or not...keep in mind these were new stunts for that season, and at the time had not been competed yet (atleast by this team.) But at the same time since we were a high school team, it's not like we could use the stunt "against" the CEA team or cause them any type of disadvantage.

Regardless, I know Sarah (coach @ CEA Salem,) wouldn't have been too happy if she'd known that was going on!
My friend told me that her high school cheer coach admitted that she used our stunt sequence for her competitive team! I had a mixed reaction... She's a solid coach and I'm sure she has plenty of creativity in her, so why not create it herself? Still flattering in a way.:)
Many All Star teams have the athletes sign a contract that they may not use any exclusive to the team stunts or any choreography for any other team or class.
I've seen high school teams do this before in the past, but its also pretty difficult for high school to copy stunts from all star teams because of the different rules. In high school there are a lot more regulations you have to follow.
Many All Star teams have the athletes sign a contract that they may not use any exclusive to the team stunts or any choreography for any other team or class.
My gym did this. If any thing that was related to our gym be it stunt or choreography the person was terminated from the program.
I know for my high school team we took inspiration from our allstar teams stunts and used them to come up with our stunts that were legal for high school. I dont think its right to take an original stunt sequence that a team you knew of was using even if you werent compeating against them. On that note, a lot of stunt sequences look the same or have the same aspects so its kind of hard to tell sometimes. I just always used my better judgement as to wether or not using this stunt would be cosidered "copying" or not.
This topic has to be one of the biggest controversies in our sport (among others). Choreography is supposed to be unique - it's what sets you apart to win. Choreographers use their skills and time to put routines/stunt sequences together for cheerleading, and it shouldn't be stolen away without credit.

I have two issues with this:

1. Permission (just like copy right-if you pay for it, stamped your name on it - then others need permission to use it outside of its intended use)
2. Creativity - its on the score sheet for originality/use of material for most competitions. So it is cheating to use someone else's creative genius.
3. Youtube - My team is not allowed to post any videos of our routines for this exact topic. Most competitions also do not allow outside recording of teams as well. This is to protect choreographers, as well as protecting the videotaping privilege that is reserved for the host of the competition.

If you choose to take moves from other teams - ask first. A simple PM/tweet/facebook message/email, etc.

Some coaches/choreographers will allow it; others will not. You pay to play.
My base and flyer on my HS team are also my base and flyer for my level 5 team. Our secondary is pretty inexperienced, but we dont really "need" a secondary per-se, so we can hit most if not all of the stunts we work on our level 5 team.

We dont "steal" our level 5 teams stunts. Our level 5 team didnt invent the full up to lib, or the tick-tock, or the suicide, or the hitch kick dub basket. So I dont see how me teaching my HS team to do these age old stunts is "stealing" it from my allstar gym. They gave me the knowledge and experiance that they have, and I appreciate that, but its not like they -invented- the stunt or the grip or anything...

We do them in a different order, and to different music.
And when it comes down to it, isnt that all that anyone does? Same basic stunts (twist up, release move, difficult dismount, and a double down) with different music and combinations.
I am NOT ok with teams/choreographers stealing/recycling choreography, stunts, or music.

The majority of my high school team was my competition team and our first coach (2 years) was a ravens cheerleader and did coro so we'd sometime use parts of stunts at games but not for competition, same thing with our new coach (who coached ~9 of 20 on our level 4 comp team) we used our stunt groups at games but not when we did competition.