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Dec 14, 2009
Is anyone else having issues with their Varsity branded uniforms falling apart? Ours are being remade finally after 14 out of 21 going bad. The seams are all coming apart. It really stinks because I love the look of them and I love our rep. I just don't know if I can keep using them with this kind of issue. I have ordered from them every year for 10 years now. I need motion flex now and varsity kind of dissapointed me.
We have used varsity a lot as well. From my experience, some of the unis have been exceptional quality and lasted for years! However, one year we ordered new unis and they were falling apart after just wearing 1 or 2 times and although we weren't able to send them back, we ended up ordering totally different unis. The new unis (also varsity) have been awesome for 2 years now. I wonder why there is "no rhyme to reason" with the quality.
We got new varsity uniforms and they were very poorly made. A lot of the uniforms came in the wrong size. There were a few underliners that were forgotten and the girls did not receive then until we only had a few games left in the season. The lettering on some of the uniforms was different. The material they used on the back of the top is a different color then the front and it does not match our skirts. Several of the underliners also started ripping at the seams. On top of fall of that our rep was VERY RUDE!!!!! We will not be using them again
Ours were always great aside from one year them sending us the wrong skirts. They let us keep them to wear until our new skirts came in though so we still had uniforms for camp that year. We ordered from another company one year because they were cheaper and those had issues.... after that we stuck with varsity. Maybe the inconsistancy of quality is by region?
I hate that this would happen to anyone, regardless of the company used. I can tell you that we train 20 School teams in our gym, and I can only speak from my experience. All of them use Varsity, and I've never heard any complaints about the uniforms not holding up or the rep in our area.