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Sep 17, 2010
Hey everyone I need some good voicovers for a Youth 4 team, the theme is animals. So anything with the worlds tame, wild, fierce in it would be great!!! Thanks for the help!
Idk what to use for voiceovers I'm bad with those...
But you should use Miley cyrus can't be tamed in your music:D that would be so perfect for ur team!
You are endangered, with Keystone on the rise.
Keystone Extreme, the team you can not tame. Fury, remember the name.
We may be small but we have a fierce...Bite? Growl? Scratch? Whatever kind of animal.
For music you could use Can't Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus or Animal by Ke$ha.
-The key to being fury is to have mad style, flawless fierce with much finesse we got you goin wild
-keystone so untamed, we're gonna make you know our name,put the crown on us cuz we run this game
-ooooh feel the fury........of youth,4
-check, the glitter, we're one fierce litter, using claws to take the gold, watch us work we got it sold
Queens of the Jungle,c'mon bow down.
F-U-R-Y's on the prowl.
Flawless, Fierce, Can't be tamed
Keystone Extreme: You know our name!

Keystone's back, so fierce and styled.
Back it up, cause we've gone wild.
The fury girls are back to reign
And you're the BOTTOM of our food chain.

Fury's here to own the floor.
I am Keystone, hear me roar!
Infamous and unashamed,
Back it up: That trophy's claimed!
im not great at voiceovers, so i just have an idea. you should say something about you having the title on lock, because your name is KEY stone. lol
how about...

Fury is name and with our claws we will reign.
So fierce we can't be tamed...Keystones!...youth 4

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