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Dec 14, 2009
Anyone else getting bored of the summer cheer talk? Well, here's some entertainment for you all!

This video is Chris Tsanadis from Xtreme Spirit Championships (former coach at Top Gun) and Nic Wurtsmith from Gym Tyme. We were bored in our hotel room last weekend and decided to make up a pyramid on the beds. One of those situations that started from one thing and turned into a whole pyramid sequence with music! We wanted to use Thailand's music (since they are powerhouse pyramid builders) but it was difficult for us to count to their music, so we picked CEA instead. Next weekend we're planning on making another video but with 3 people so it should be better... stay tuned!

Chris is in the black, Nic is in the Blue. Enjoy!
I love it. At our last competition we saw all our kids where putting pictures on facebook of them doing stretches and silly moves in their room so the other coach and I decided to join in and copy their photos. We had handstands on the beds, bridges going across the gap between the beds and lots of stretches and splits. Now I know why the kids do it, it was hilarious and made the night stuck in our hotel a bit more interseting. We will definitely have to try something like this when we are away next.
Well done guys, this made me laugh a lot :D
Dying! I LOVE this. I agree with @MissBee , I love how the guy in the blue pops up at the 15 second mark. Good to know that me and my friends are not the only big "kids" who do this. Now reproduce this in 20 years and I will give you 1000 shimmies, (Love the fact older people can still rock out cheer moves!)
Hysterical! I am literally wiping away tears!! Please make more videos like this- I'm begging!

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