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I meant to say:

Which techniques and drills are good to do at home if you want to have higher and prettier toe touches? My toe touches are level. I want mine to be hyper extended before tryouts which are in 6 weeks..any stretches or drills?? Thanks :)
Weights help tremendously. Here is a list of stretches and plyometric drills that will help to improve jumps that require for my team:

Sitting stretches (knees pointing to the ceiling, point toes!!):
Straddle stretch - 10 seconds
Right stretch (chest to knee) - 10 seconds
Right stretch (bow & arrow) - 10 seconds
Middle stretch (knees pointing up, roll hips back, point toes)- 10 seconds
Left stretch (chest to knee) - 10 seconds
Left stretch (bow & arrow) - 10 seconds
Middle stretch (walk it out further) - 10 seconds
Legs together (flex feet) - 10 seconds
Legs together (point toes) - 10 seconds
Right split (chest to knee) - 10 seconds
Left split (chest to knee) - 10 seconds

Kicks (3 reps):
10 kicks - to the right side, kicks should be to your ears, high V motion
10 kicks - to the left side, " "

Jumps (3 reps):
10 Tuck jumps
10 Spread Eagles
3 Toe touches
3 Right Hurdlers
3 Left Hurdlers
3 Right Hurkies
3 Left Hurkies
3 Double Whips
1 Triple Whip

10 - (5 reps) Frog Hops (touch the ground, jump up with hands in the air)
10 - (3) Switch Lunges (lunge, jump as high as you can after every lunge, alternating legs)

Doing these 3x/week will improve your jumps. Oversplits, continuous stretching, partner stretching, etc. are all good advice as well!

Good luck!
I'm no coach, only a mom, but recently my cp was told in practice by her coach to put her arms straight out in front of her instead of out to the side, and her toe touch is now hyperextended instead of level.
i'm not saying don't do drills, but apparently having her arms out to the sides (like my avatar) "stopped" her legs from going up all the way.
anyone feel free to critique/correct me if i'm wrong, though.
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