What Are Your Favorite Voice-overs?

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May 11, 2011
i'm not 100% sure if this has been posted in the newbies section yet..but what are your absolute fave voice-overs?
ooh someone had there bowl of FIERCE O's today - odyssey

not conceided but convinced, cause thats the way we do it. SUNS your hot.. WOW, who knew it?! - suns

hit me baby one more time, one more time were X'ing you out- senior elite
^^^ Not all of its a voiceover but it goes good together :)

yeah we're Top Gun, what more do you want us to say? we know that were FIERCE we know that were FLY so please get out of our wayy- top gun semi limited
I say this in every "favorite v/o thread": Oa Angels' 2010-2011 voice overs are THE BEST!

"E'erybody wanna go to Disney, Disney; e'erybody wanna see Mickey, Mickey; e'erybody wanna win Worlds, Worlds; WELCOME TO OUR HOUSE." :D
Oh, I forgot Rays Smoke!

"They asked for southern smoke; you want it, they got it! Who's last place? TAAAAAG, not it!"


"To all my competition, sit down and take some notes. Go home read what you wrote... Performance time, lots of hopes, best of wishes, Smoke!"
"facebook, they twitter me, on fierceboard talk about me, the life of east celebrity i told you man, is not easy"
"a cinderella story about them underest, underest, underestimated kids setting a new trendinfinitys on its time to chase"
ECE large limited coed 2011 worlds music <3