What Can Happen In A Year?

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Mar 28, 2011
I'm 15 (almost 16) and I starting tumbling about a month ago. I've never done All-Star cheer but I've always wanted to. Team evaluations for my gym are at the end of April. I'm most likely going to end up on Senior 2 since I lack tumbling skills. How much progress can I make in the first year? I really want to be on at least Senior 4 next year. I pick up my tumbling skills fairly fast. I had my standing BHS within the first week of going to tumbling and I'm now working on standing tucks and every once in a while BHS series and round off BHS. I wish I would have started sooner!!
Anything could happen! If you work hard and improve I'm sure getting on the level 4 team wouldn't be that big of a reach, but just be safe and progress how you are supposed to. Don't push yourself TOO hard! Work hard everyday by doing conditioning and house-friendly drills outside of practices too! Good luck :)
it seems like you are picking stuff up pretty fast so with determination, hard work, and lots of practice you can get lvl 4 skills by then.
good luck!
Work hard at it and you'll definitely make it! :)
I started tumbling at my all star gym probably 2 or 3 months before tryouts this past year, when I came into the gym I only had a round off BHS and standing 2 BHS. It's been about a year and now I have my round off BHS full, 2 BHS to a tuck, and almost my standing tuck. :) Good luck!
I agree with everyone else. As long as you push yourself you can do anything you want to. When I tried out this year at Louisiana Cheer Force, I hadn't tumbled in almost 3 years. I tried out with a round off b.h.s tuck and standing b.h.s tuck. Now I have round off 2b.h.s tuck, round off b.h.s layout, round off 2b.h.s layout, standing 2b.h.s tuck, standing 2b.h.s layout, standing tuck, jumps to tuck, punch front step outs, and I'm now working fulls. I did most of that between the beginning of june and the end of August!!!
All you need is determination!!! Good luck:)
I'm so glad it's possible!! I'm going to work my butt off so I can be the best that I can be for next year.