OT What do you carry your school stuff in?

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i use a backpack. Most people in my school have backpacks, or use longchamp bags though
Backpack! We can bring our backpacks from class to class so it's the easiest. I tried a tote bag first semester last year and it killed my shoulder cause I had too much stuff to carry around and my locker was too far away to go in between classes.
Backpack/giant purse, haha, I switch off, depending on my mood. But we aren't allowed to have backpacks in class which stinks. :/
Most people at my school carry backpacks. It's just easier, imo... there are a couple of girls who carry big tote bags but then they complain that it hurts their shoulders.
I switch off what i carry, but usually i use a backpack because totes, and giant purses hurt my shoulder, haha
I'm in college so I have a Northface backpack to stash a billion books + my laptop for long nights in the library.
But I do own a Longchamp bag and I love it too.
I use a tote because i cant have stuff/too much weight on my right shoulder ever since i broke the collar bone
I've adjusted and it works really good for me! i've been doing it my whole highschool career and im a senior :)
i use a messenger bag. it's the comfiest thing i've ever used to carry my books. backpacks are uncomfortable on my back, and totes put a lot of strain on one shoulder. by the messenger bag balances the weight between one shoulder and the opposite hip.
backpack for sure
i used a big tote bag freshman year and the beginning of sophomore year but backpacks are SO much easier!
I've switched off every year lol. Freshman year I did backpack, sophomore year I did tote, junior year I did backpack again and now I have a big purse/tote. It's so freakin' cute that I don't even care if it's heavy haha
In high school, I usually carried my books & everything I needed for like my 1st two periods, then I would go to my locker and switch stuff out, and I would continue doing that for the rest of the day. I mainly did this because our lockers were assigned by what class we were graduating in & they never changed the whole time we were in high school & where my classes lockers were located were convenient being on the first floor so we could at least always switch out things during our lunch period if we didn't have time to during the day for whatever reason (our lunch room was just a big common area, which was also the main area to walk between classes on the 1st floor).

Now being in college, I typically carry my books because my classes are typically only 1 day a week & I only have a book or two (but the classes are like 4-5 hours long, which makes me wish they were twice a week sometimes). I also have a big portfolio type thing I have to take to one of my classes weekly that wouldn't even begin to fit in anything. I do have a JanSport backpack too (that's really cute & neon cause I'm kind of obsessed with neon colors), but I only tend to take that if it's raining or snowing & I don't want to get my books, papers, projects, etc. wet because it could ruin them or if it's been snowing/sleeting and is really slippery because then it's just easier.
I usually just stick everything in my regular purse and keep my books in my car. I don't usually need my books for my classes, usually just for studying and homework. I can't wear a backpack because of the injury to my upper back (I have a twisted vertebrae). Generally, I only need a notebook and some pens/pencils unless I'm in dance. Then I just need my ballet shoes and clothes.