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Mar 2, 2010
Varsity All Star posted it's latest entry in a series of All Star videos and blogs. Latest topic: What Do You Look For In A Competition?

Visit Justin's Blog on the website and see the latest Coaches Roundtable video. Courtney Pope, Roger Schonder and a handful of other all star coaches share their opinion. After watching the video and reading Justin's blog, chime in with your own perspective.

What is it about your 'favorite competition' that makes it your favorite? What could you live without? Athletes, what makes a competition memorable? Parents, what competition takes care of you guys the best?

There's no wrong answer, so let us know how you feel and Join The Conversation.
1. Adequate warmup time/space- stretch mat, stunt mat, tumble strip, full nonspring, full spring- 5 min on each
2. Reasonably priced entry fee for athletes
3. Priority Seating
4. No Spectator fee
5. Healthy options at concession stand
6. No waiting time backstage
7. No breaks in between performances
8. Show us the breakdown of each team's score on each section of the scoresheet, so I can see what areas I'm getting beat in
9. Friendly and organized staff
10. QUALIFIED JUDGES using usasf guidelines appropriatel
11. Quick and to the point when it comes to awards
12. A sound system at awards where we can actually understand what you're saying
14. Teams having assigned areas to leave their belongings
15. Creative gifts for athletes and coaches (as in, not a blanket)
16. More objective scoring, giving assigned values to certain skills/quantity of skills
17. Good quality pictures and videos available at a REASONABLE price
18. Not having to wait 3 hours to get scoresheets
19. Positive and fun environment for the kids- awards/gifts for top 3 or top 5 at least
20. Specialty awards.... maybe you couldn't win, but coming away with best stunts, best choreo, etc would at least be some kind of recognition

oh, and maybe something different other than jackets and backpacks for winners? Spirit Sports does shirts for all their classic winners, which I think is nice:)
a full spring floor in warm-ups. it takes 1 time flying off the tumble track to give you a mental block about them.
-water in warmups!
-short time between warmups and competition
-getting scores asap after competition
-instant video replay as you come off of the floor
-water available off of the competition floor
-good priority seating where you can stand up and get excited!
-cool free things :)
-medals for either every level, or at least the coloured (gold/silver/bronze) for 1st-3rd
-specialty awards!
-short awards! with no dancing.
-a good size banner!