All-Star What Do You Think About Before You Tumble? During Your Tumble Pass?

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Dec 13, 2009
I'm not sure if there is a thread about this, but I'm just curious to know.

Ive recently been back and forth with a tumble block and I'm trying to change my mindset so i can think of something other then freaking out in the corner. :( so..

What do you think about right before you tumble? or do you at all?
and What do you think (or think at all) during your tumble pass?
usually during my tumbling pass, i think about each element as im doing it. for example when i do robhs double i think about the roundoff then the bhs then the double. And while im waiting for my turn i think about how good the routine has been and how amazing my pass will be when im done with it:)
i dont think before my pass, but during it i think about that element, like said above if im doing a roundoff i think roundoff if im doing a full i think full
before i tumble i cant think about what i have to do, its already in my mind and i know my body knows how to do it, and then when i go for my tumbling i think about tumbling like someone really good, such as whitney love or kelsey rule. and this helps me stop freaking out, i know its wierd ahah but it works!
Before my standing pass "hit motions ok turn 1 step 3 oh god my bhs could break my finger touch 6 good I'm safe touch 8 oh lord TWIST!..." "Ooh I landed! Ok hit hips on 5!"

Before my running pass: "Geez jumps tired me out! BREATHE BREATH BREATHE...Ok they just went. I'm the next one. *running* *Round off* Ooh good backhandpsring! Time to twist!...OOh I landed again! Hit hips and walk to the side of the floor!!"
I don't think at ALL when I'm actually tumbling (read in the middle of the element) unless I'm just learning a skill. I just...go. Good old muscle memory.
I don't really think while I am tumbling; I just say before I go "well, here's go nothing", throw my pass smile, pose, and keep it movin!
i have been going back in forth with mental blocks as well. i literally just figured out how to not get freaked before i tumble. generally another girl is tumbling exactly when i do or right after. so i just think of her pass and my body just remembers what im supposed to do. but right before i go into my round off, i scream "come on guys!' to help pump everyone else up and it works.
I have to get extremely mad to tumble so in the corner i think about the one thing that makes me angry and that is my bf's ex-gf lol
My friends at gym used to laugh at me because I shout why I'm doing, when in doing it. For example "runrunrun roundOFF BACK hand spring TUCKKKK, land! Shimmmyyyyy." An because usually I'm tryig to stay so tight I sound like darthvader. One time I was just round offing and screaming "FINGERNAILS" in the most manly Barry White voice ever...
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