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Apr 21, 2010
Cheer season is screaming up on us....close your eyes....where are you and what is happening that you are most excited about and looking forward to?...put us in the might be applying make-up or warm-ups...what's yours?
Trying on CP's new uniform for the first time. She tried on sizing samples last night but only saw a drawing of the real thing. Or maybe it will be watching her throw her much fiercer than last season tumbling pass across the competition floor!
I think I'm most excited to see cp's routine under the lights....summer is so stressful with all the changes, stunts not hitting, people absent. It amazes me every year how all summer the team can look like a hot mess and then under those lights, in the first venue of the season, they hit solid and last year walked away grand champs. After that, I breath easy and know that the rest of the season, although not without its issues, will be jussssst fine.
I love the feeling when your on the mat and everybody loves eachother and the team as a family competes as "one". Especially at worlds after everyone has worked together and gone through so much
i cant wait until it gets to be competition time. i love standing behind that curtain at a competition, nervous as heck. the announcer calls our team name and i run out with butterflies in my stomach, thinking that the worse that can happen will. staring at my feet waiting what seems like an eternity for the music to start, thinking that i will forget everything in our routine. when the music starts my body knows what to do, all the moves engraved in my mind. going through the routine nervous about what is going to happen next, but pushing on, giving it everything you have. then the routine ends and we come off the floor, so worn out we can barely breathe, but we all have smiles on our faces because we hit everything perfectly. that is the best feeling in the world. this is why i cheer<3

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