All-Star What Is Your Ultimate Goal With Cheer?

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Apr 11, 2011
I was watching the Dance Moms' marathon & it became apparent the ultimate goal was for their child to become a star on TV or Broadway. So, I am curious about what different dreams people may hope to come from cheer. What is your ultimate goal with cheer? To go to World's, to cheer in College, to make a level 5 team, etc?
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My girls goal is to one day cheer for SFA. I don't think they have any idea how tough it is to make a team like SFA.
Of course i want to win a worlds ring, but my ultimate goal is to be a college cheerleader and compete at UCA or NCA college nationals and be in the top three!!
my ultimate goal is to go on to college and cheer. i love going to worlds but really cant wait to cheer in college :)
My CP is young so while I love cheer for it's ability to keep her interested and active, my goal for her would be to go to college on a full athletic scholarship for cheer:) Here's to hoping Cheer will be an NCAA recognized sport by 2020!!!