What Pre-performance Rituals Do You And Your Team Do?

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Jan 17, 2011
At my gym last year we always danced to shots before running out onto the floor. What do you guys do?

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We get in a circle with our arms around each other's backs and right foot in and say a prayer for a safe and successful routine. Sometimes we have a few "showoffs" doing funny dance moves just to get pumped up haha
we dance, sing, cirlce cheer, this thing thats like WE READY and just like so many things. it takes forever !
- right hand over left, link pinkies, left foot in, say a prayer, then spin to win (while saying it)
- slow clap
- with your stunt group visualize and talk all positive reminders to flyers
We always stood in a circle with our arms around each other and had a pep talk by the captain and the senior, then we did a cheer right before we ran out:)
My S4 team basically had a theme song of 'what doesn't kill you', so before going to warmups, we would always just go crazy in our little area dancing to this song. If we had a good warmup, then once we were done with the final mat, if there was extra time we'd do what we call 'turkeys'. 'I went down to the water!...and I took a little walk...and I met up with some turkeys....and we had a little talk...so I washed them turkeys...and it had a few other lines & arm/leg movements. lol we always looked like absolute idiots yelling it in the warmup room.
Im not sure if this would be considered a 'ritual', but it's just something my gym's done for a while. We have one designated person who calls 'ready!' and we have some cute way of saying our team name. Like for black diamonds we put out a ring finger.
for my gym's mini team (I wasn't on it) their coaches let them eat a spoonful of powder that was going to make their performance great. All it was was watermelon flavored jello that you buy in the small boxes but it wasn't turned into jello yet. So basically it was just the sugar from uncooked Jello :) but they ate a spoonful of it and called it Champion Powder i think :) and for the older teams we would all hold hands and say the Lord's Prayer and another prayer