OT What Provider And What Phones Should We Get?

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Mar 5, 2010
it is almost time for the cp and myself to keep our plan or switch and get new phones. i use my to web search a little ,emails, instant message. text and talk. cp texts talks and wants the iphone more then she anything in the world. Right now we have sprint. so what do you all recomend. i am not a phone snob. i think the cp is lol. and if you know the fees when you make a suggestion that would be great. also if i get my darling CP the iphone do i need to get her an ipod also or can all the music go on the phone . i know nothing about apple products if you cant tell lol. thanks in advance for your help
I love Verizon, and now that the iPhone is out, it's even better! I wouldn't think she'd need an iPod if she got an iPhone.
i love verizon! i have a blackberry curve, which is perfect for what your describing for you. and the iphone is coming out for cp- but i would wait until the summer for it if you can- the reviews all say to wait for the iphone 5
I am not up to date on the iphone situation for verizon, but if you are looking for a new company, verizon is probably your best bet. I feel like they have the best variety of phones, especially with what you're looking for.
for you, they have phones like the blackberries,the droids, or the palm pre and palm pixie that have what you want. with these phones, you would have your monthly bill for whatever your plan is, plus a 30.00/month data plan. The phones vary in price too, but if you shop right, sometimes you can get them cheap.
if you don't want quite as high tech phones in regards to features, you could get the samsung rogue, env touch, or chocolate touch, or whatever the newest versions of these phones are (again, not up to date on my phones) you can still use the interet on these phones, just not as well as the smartphones, but the data plan is only 9.99 on top of the monthly bill. alot of the newer phones are touchscreen though, so i don't know if this would be a problem.
im not really sure the price range for the plans, but i know we have an unlimited messaging plan with like 700 shared minutes or something for 4 of us, and 3 of us require data plans, and i want to say our monthly bill is somewhere around $130, but i'm not positive. hope this helps :) if you have any questions i'd be happy to help!
thanks for the info i will look into verizon again when i had it last it didnt work in my condo so i had to get rid of it but it sure would be easier lol.