What Would Your Cheerleading Teams Name Be If You Made One?

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I always used to dream about becoming rich and moving to the isle of Mann (when friends of mine still ived there) jsut so i could start a team called the Manx Cats!
Island specifics aside, specially since i'm never gonna live there, I like the idea of a team called Chevaliers / Cavaliers as it's still really easy to symbolize but makes a nice change from all the animal types out there.
Psycho Cheer... Our colors would be neon pink green and purple... the moms would be the Psycho Cheer Mom Network... And all our teams would be like psych related... like Our sr coed 5 would be the obsessions, we could have panic, mania, insanity, insomnia, addicted... yea it would be pretty awesome
Ooooh, I like this thread! I think about it all the time! Though have not come up with one yet.... I will post when I finally think of one.
My cp came up with this the other night when she was doing chores. I told her her if she didn't get her stuff done she would be cheering for Laundry Allstars Level -17 junior semi-unlimited coed all-girl. That got us started on the rest of the team names: Dust, Scrubs, Mops, Brooms, Shine, Debris, Vacuum3000. Level 5 and 6 teams get brand names - Clorox, Windex, Dawn, Spot Shot and Swiffer...
But after all that, I think @iCheerGA 's is more fitting!
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