Whats Your Style Of Dance?

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Apr 18, 2011
I personally like show girly and lots of action in a dance but i know some people like really tight motions or freestyle or crumping, so whats your style of dance?
I like a dance that's going to get the audience excited. Something that brings out the diva or the fierce in every girl on the team. My favorite dances haven't necessarily been the ones with the best coreo but the ones where the girls looked like they were having the best time of their life, they worked it out. I know that's not a "style" of dance but if I had to classify is as specific style I would say girly? Or fierce haha
I love "girly" diva dances. Like UA legacy & Cali all girl
My fave dances are when the whole team sells it, not just the center dancer. The whole team has engery and working it