OT Where Did You Guys Get Your Bows?!

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Jul 26, 2010
So, I was looking through the bow wall thread, and one person had 92 on a wall?! I have 4, plus a cheap on from last season.

I just wanted to know, where do you buy yours so that you can afford all of them? I think all of mine were about £9 each?

Lots of people make them which is why they have so many. Most bows that people make and sell cost about $5-$20. So what would that be... 4-15 euros?
Edit... 3-13 pounds :)
At competitions, they usually have alot of stands selling them for 5-10 $$ depending on the size/colour/print/layers.
Other than that, I knew of one place where you could order them in bulk for like, 20$. Wish i could remember it!
Aw, the people at funbows are super nice! They were making my moms pop warner team samples for bows and the lady sent some free bows for me :)
I only have one bow, so it's obviously not enough to make a bow wall of any kind. (YET!) It's a Yella, and I've been madly in love with it since the day I got it. As soon as I'm able to deposit some money into my bank account, the YR website will be the first place I'll check out! (Hopefully the current sale will still be on!)
i have 2 yellas and a few more on the way and i have the ones from my teams but i make most of my own bows

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