Where Do You Wrap For Double Downs?

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Aug 12, 2010
I noticed watching videos that there are a lot of different ways people wrap for double downs. I have 4 questions.

1. Where do you wrap for your double downs?
2. Where are you taught to wrap?
3. Which way to wrap looks the best?
4. Which is easiest to open out of? I don't open but I want to know how.

Thanks for the input! :cheering:
When i used to fly i pulled in to my cheast. i was taught to keep my arms straight but i never did. as to looking good it depends on the person. and I never opened out of dubbles but out of fulls i wraped to my cheast as well and it was easy for me at least... :p
I pull my arms down to my left hip and keep my arms straight. It helps me spin really fast & i never have hit my bases! It looks good too because you dont see arms sticking out or elbows! I don't catch in double downs so i don't know if its easy to open out of but I have always been told that I have really pretty double downs and that there really fast so I definetly think straight arms are the best! It just depends whats easier for you I guess! Just try out the different spinning techniques on the trampoline and pick one that you like best!
I used to pull into my chest but now my coaches make me pull with my arms straight by my left hip and everyone says that looks better. I think opening up is easy no matter how you double down. I only open with one arm though because I'm afraid I'll hit someone if I do both. But if I double from 2 legs I open with both arms.
When I used o fly I pulled to my chest, and I was taught to not open so I didn't! Buttt this was back when we flew on our left leg mainly, lol so I had to wrap my leg when they popped me to cradle. I like it better when you wrap to your hip and open but what ever easiest I would go ahead and do! :)
- Where do you wrap for your double downs? I wrap near my left hip but my arms are still bent, for some reason I can't straighten them.
- I was taught to wrap near my left shoulder and look over my left shoulder
- I think when your arms are straight your double downs look very clean but Cheer Extreme has all of their flyers wrap the same way, to me when the whole team can wrap a like it looks clean as well.
- When I land ion my cradle I put my arms up like a rabbit of something and grab my back spot who wraps her arms around me. Or I just leave my left arm as a rabbit for my back spot and slightly open up my right arm to wrap around the main base! Haha I spin very oddly
Please please please learn to double with your arms down by your hips. It usually makes it a lot prettier. Also, keep your legs together!

When girls pull at their chest, thats when I notice a disconnect and hips moving separately from the shoulders.
I used to wrap to my chest (my first gym didn't have a preference). My second/current gym taught me to wrap straight arms down to my left hip which is a little harder but still very do-able. I think it looks way prettier to do it with arms straight down, but it's probably easier to open up from your chest.
when they pop me i ride then twist from a T position by pulling fast and agressivly to my pocket.. if u cant twist fast enuf, do the same but when u pocket, throw ur arms closer to ur butt lol
well, i just kinda crank lol. i believe i pull into my chest. i like to teach girls to pull into their chest/left shoulder, because i've realized if i teach them to pull down, or "back pocket" they tend to nose dive. not good.
i just like all the flyers to look the same... and NO bent legs, biggest pet peeve. or piecy spins. it should flow.
I wrap with my arms covering my chest so it looks like an X, only because it helps me ride up before I start to twist. Our coach tells us to put our arms down at our left hip, but I don't think it looks pretty. Only because when some people do that they're chest and head start twisting before their legs. Hope this helps :)
Please wrap with your hands to your hip! its much prettier! also, wrapping to your shoulder increases the possibility of your top breaking your bases nose, by elbowing them

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