All-Star Which Gym And Team Has Your Favorite Pyramid In Each Level, (so Far This Season)

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When Orange hits their pyramid, it will be my favorite.

My biggest disappointment for them at Battle was not hitting it. I can deal with the losing and not hitting stunts (they never hit at Battle anyway). I think when it hits yall will really dig it.
From what I cant tell, it might be my favorite pyramid I've ever seen from a small team.
CEA Coed Elite and Small senior 5 have sweet pyramids... and I would have to say Rocket Elite's Sr 4 pyramid looks pretty tight this year!
I'm definitely biased but Brandon Sr black has a great pyramid again this year.
Orange has a lot of stuff in their pyramid, can't wait till they're hitting.
I've had the pleasure of seeing Oranges pyramid hit in practice many times, and I still get goosebumps every time.
I'm bias, but I like apx envy's pyramid. I think its cute and creative. It didn't hit at grand, but that was weird. It usually does hit.

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