All-Star Which Stunt Do You Watch?

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Aug 14, 2010
I'm putting together a short routine for a small group and need opinions: Say there are 3 stunt groups in a diagonal line from front corner to back corner. Which groups (in order) do you watch the most?

My guess would be the middle first, so put the best group there, but what about the other two - which corner should I put the worst group in? They're not terrible or anything, but the flyer isn't as flexible and the stunt is a little more wobbly.
I'd personally put the more unstable stunt in the back corner.
I look left to right, front to back.
We all know that choreographers put the strongest stunt/tumbler/dancer at point, but that doesn't mean you're hiding everyone else. We'll still see the falls and bobbles.
I look left to right. Diagonally, I would see either the middle or back left first, and front right last.
it usually seems harder for me to see the one in the front of the diagonal so i mainly see middle and back