OT Why do you think Fierceboard is so addiciting?

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Apr 20, 2010
I was trying to explain this website to someone today but they dont understand why so many people spend so much time on it. I think its because we can connect with people all over the world that share a common interest and have fun. why do you think people fall in love with The Fierce Board?
Its constantly updating and there is always new gossip in the cheer world.....haha. Plus it lets everyone this obsessed with cheer obsess together which most people here probably cant do with their immediate group of friends. Therefore it keeps calling you back to check and post :)
my sister asked me "why do you get on the fierceboards?" me: "I dont know" her: "whats so great about talking cheerleading" i always question this... but it is surely addicting :)
I agree with everything said above. Also, with things like football and baseball, there's news and games on TV all the time. Cheerleaders just don't have that!
I am on the fierceboard all the time because I sure don't have too many friends that want me to talk about cheerleading like I do on the fierceboard.
Also, the gossip!!
And you can use it to get ideas for events or situations. Look at all the threads about what to do for christmas ideas, fundraising, etc.

Ahhhh I love the fierceboard!
Cuz people from all over the world can obsess over cheerleading.. And there is new cheer gossip
everyday and there's lots to talk about:)
I have 2 simple answers to this question:

1) We all LOVE cheerleading, if you didn't you prob wouldn't know what fierceboard is/was.

2) Everyone loves gossip.....whether you repeat what you hear or not, you LOVE to stay up on the lastest happenings in the cheer world. To know whether Susie got her tick tock, or if Maddie has a Ball up 720 double tick tock triple down, you just want to be in "the know".

We all love cheerleading.........point blank! Fierceboard is a cheerleaders Facebook! lol
Because the closest gym to me is an hour away and my mom won't drive me. And all the school cheerleaders don't take cheerleading seriously! Where else am I supposed to talk to anyone about cheerleading who actually knows stuff about cheerleading?