Why Is Cheer About The Adults Trying To Destroy The Competition's Rep And Not About The Kids?!?!

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I agree but what is worse is that these people are adults who are working with the kids. How are kids suppose to learn good sportsmanship/behavior when the adults leading them act so immature? It's really sad is what it is!
I agree 100 percent. (By the way, I hope I don't in trouble for searching for "sportsmanship" and reigniting this thread?)

It's very hard to take the "high road" when other coaches are openly bashing your gym and their program. Coaches are supposed to lead by example, and bashing other programs openly on public forums such like this, as well as in their gym, is really sad.
I think that it is definately jealousy!!! Our coaches have great relationships with other gyms. Our girls clap for other teams and our coaches do as well!!! Try to ignore it!!! Know that your gym must be amazing and that is why they keep talking! let your haters be your motivators!!!