Why Not As Many "small Gym" Divisions This Year?

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Cheer Parent
Jan 19, 2011
The competitions my daughter has been to this year have not offered the 'small gym" division. Any thoughts on why? Her gym finds a place for all athletes and manages to put together some very competitive teams that have won many events, but we are still always going to be at a disadvantage when competing against large gyms from big cities that have more girls tryout than we have in our total gym..... The small gym division allows gyms like hers to make a name and build a reputation.
My girls cheer at a small gym also. We try to go to competitions that are the most popular with the small gyms so that there will be enough teams in the "small gym" division. We have been to a couple this year where there weren't enough small teams to split the divisions so we had to compete with the large gyms. I agree with you that being a small gym is a huge disadvantage when competing against large gyms.
small gym used to be under 100 cheerleaders. My gym, Haydens, used to be a small gym. I don't know when, but it was changed to under 75. thats why you dont see them as often.
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