College Will Co-ed Stunting Help Make Me A Better Group Flyer?

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Jun 29, 2020
i had my first COED stunt clinic yesterday (my second is tomorrow). my college team is CO-ED but they haven't put CO-ED stunts in the routine in years, i'm unsure why. i really love CO-ED stunting, it's been a blast. i was able to get an assisted toss to hands by the end of the one hour clinic.

i'm just wondering if this CO-ED stunting will help make me a better group stunting flyer? i know group stunting and CO-ED are pretty different, but i could see how it could help with not relying on a backspot or front spot since there are none. is this true?


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Mar 2, 2014
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I feel like your foot in a coed is placed in such a way that distributes weight differently from a group stunt and could actually make group stunting more difficult. Flyer center of gravity is a little different too.
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