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Nov 28, 2011

TRYOUT is holding a COMPETITION with a chance to win a FREE t-shirt worth £18!

Rules are you have to like our Facebook page and get 5 of your friends to join! Either by posting it on your wall, your teams wall or even their wall! once you have done this all you have to do is facebook comment us saying "DONE!, enter me" (Don't worry we will be checking this)

The winner will be announced on the 10th of December which is also the date of TRYOUT'S official opening.

However pre-orders can be made on all tees, all t-shirts come in sizes for males and females. simply comment on what tee you like the best with your size and quantity! And we will get back to you ASAP!

In the mean time, GET LIKING !
Tweet/follow us @ilovetryout, we aim to follow back!

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much love ♥