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Mar 12, 2011
I was wondering if anyone worked out outside of practice, and if so what workouts they did :)
My dad wants me 2 lift weights (bleeeh).
I have cheer three times a week and still work out every day, just take it a little easier on cheer days. For cardio I ride a stationary bike for around 45 minutes and dance. Then I lift weights and do other conditioning after that (slow crunches, v-ups, supermans, side v-ups, squats, calf raises, etc)
I used to run every day except Saturdays. I also did pushups and various ab workouts every night. Practice jumps on a daily basis. No joke - everyday I practice my jumps. Definitely stretch everyday. I didn't lift weights mostly because I didn't have access to them. I felt like I had plenty of floor exercises to get the job done.
Wellll I play hockey & lacrosse too, so with those and cheer I have some sort of cardio every day. And then I do abs and strength stuff at home. And we have a coach that's a yoga/Pilates instructor so she does pilates with us before cheer and then yoga to cool down after.
My Cp goes to a sports training center twice a week. They are excellent! It is a little costly, but she is young and I comfortable that the staff is working with her to ensure she is doing all the exercises correctly. They work on core, pylo, strength and stamina.
She is the only "cheerleader" that attends. It is funny to watch the football and lacrosse players reaction when she smokes them in the inch worms and the other crawling around on the floor drills!
I like the concept so much It might be my next business for location....Central Jersey perhaps??lol:)
when i was still cheering, i did. along with 2 or 3 practices a week, i had personal training twice a week(1 hour for each session). and then i ran about 2 times a week, and did situps, pushups, pull ups etc in my room. now that i no longer cheer, i work out every day and i'm in even better shape than i was.
I was wondering if anyone worked out outside of practice, and if so what workouts they did :)
My dad wants me 2 lift weights (bleeeh).

my dad always wanted me to work out with 2 lb weights too and i was so scared i'd get so much arm muscle i'd be jacked & strong and they'd make me base..but that's another story; i actually use them now. i still work out everyday with those, 600 different crunches / ab work out, i run 3 miles, and i do leg toning exercises too
My girls take gymnastics twice a week on the days they do not have cheer. It seems to give them a pretty good work out. :)
my junior and senior year of high school i work out at a sports training facility. my trainer did some research and watch a lot of cheerleading and created a work out plan for me. I did plyometrics, agility exercises, tumble condition, and did weights. I barely had a 2 to double, and my running tumbling was inconsistent and i hated stunting, after a few months everything for me increased. I became one of the best stunters on the team, and my tumbling not only got easier, but got better, learning new skills just happened!! I highly suggest it!
Madison conditions atleast 4 times a week. Her old coach was big on core strengthening. She does v ups, twisting crunches, leg levers, superman holds, hollow body rocks, ect. She does about 150-200 per day. She does calf raises, lunges, and squats everyday. She probably should run also. She tends to find running boring. I wonder if we can find something that works as well....
Have her try trail running. I started running on trails, and now I can't running anywhere else without dying of boredom. Just make sure she has a good pair of shoes for it, and she pays attention to what's going on under her feet. I also like road biking a lot.
The Hofstra coach just created a workout video for cheerleaders. I think it's called "Train To Cheer." It actually looks pretty good.
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