All-Star WORLDS - Group A vs Group B - Small Senior All Girl & Coed

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Will there be an overall Small Senior winner, or will there be a Small Senior A champion and a Small Senior B champion?
for limited coed, i think they are relatively even. i was REALLLLY nervous when i heard they were doing this, becuase i was for sure that all the powerhouses were going to get put in one division...but i feel like it is really even. i havent really looked at small all girl
Not trying to create drama, but now that the A and B groups are out there, thoughts on the splits? Do they seem even?

I would say no. When divisions get split, it seems inevitable that they end up somewhat lopsided. It may seem even more lopsided once we see everyone compete. 15th place in one half could be a better team than 10th place in the other. At one competition, I've seen a 1st place team that would have placed 5th had they competed in the other half. Irritating. There's already a thread on the main forum with someone stating one group is the "group to watch" in Small Limited. It stinks that one group with probably end up tougher than the other. The luck of which group you are in shouldn't matter; how you score against the entire field should matter. If they are going to combine the two groups in the end to come up with an overall ranking, what is the point of the splitting the division in the first place? I'm confused how it's going to work. I understand it's easier to judge 25 teams against each other than 50, but aren't the judges still going to have to keep in mind the scores from Group A when they score Group B so that the overall ranking makes sense? ie. If the 7th place team in one group should score behind the top 10 teams in the other group, the overall standings should reflect that. Maybe I'm overthinking it, but the division splitting drives me nuts sometimes.
If there going to split the division, with a break in between, but use the same judges....why not just wait till both A and B are done, then decide finals by the scores of both?
If there going to split the division, with a break in between, but use the same judges....why not just wait till both A and B are done, then decide finals by the scores of both?
I totally agree as well. Why make it complicated and open the door for alot of aggravation, controversy, hard feelings, etc. Just thiink of the kerfuffle that will arise if a team doesn't make finals, but a team in the other group with a lower score does......
I'm sure there are reasons behind them doing it this way, but why not do what is simplest, and seems to me would be the most fair way to do it and announce all finalists after all the teams have competed?
this is just my honest opinion, you can do what you may with it, but personally, if you have to split divisions at worlds, there are too many teams in that division. you know there are going to be upsets, controversial placements, etc.
Im wondering if theyre going to take the top half of each to finals or go by scores ?? b.c scores seems to me will cause the most problems since A will be done before B?? Like Cheersport higher scores but lower place than the other division.
It seems that the USASF felt that this needed to be done and tried to make it as fair as possible, taking the top 60% of each group in case one group was stronger than the other. During finals, the teams that deserve to be at the top will end at the top the team teams that didn't deserve to make finals will be in the last few places. I'm sure it will all work out fine. :)
Sure hope it works out for everyone. USASF is trying BUT... I took a look at CheerSport cuz someone mentioned it, not sure if it was same judging panel or not. Anyway interesting...

Small Limited -
Group one - we ASSUME 60% is 7.2 teams so top 7 advance
1 Kentucky Elite Cats 858.6
2 Brandon Senior Black 840.9
3 Middle Georgia All-Stars - Galaxy 802
4 Atlanta Jayhawks 789.9
5 CTA All Stars Fury 784
6 Cheer Dynasty - Excalibur 781.5
7 All-Star Legend 756.2
8 Sparks All Stars Superstars 738.2
9 High Fly Eagles 737.7
10 Premier TN Sabres 722.4
11 Rock Solid All Stars - FL - Coed 689.5
12 Buckeye Cheer Elite Prowlers 639.8

Group 2 (same assumptions)
1 GymTyme Sr. Platinum 852.7
2 The Illinois Cheer Company - DESTINY 827.4
3 Python All-Stars Retic Pythons 811.3
4 Pacific Coast Mysterious 802.8
5 ACE Indian Outlaws 795.7
6 Tennessee Prowlers 794.4
7 ACX Jags Icons 788.2
8 Midwest Cheer Elite 786.2
9 FORCE Elite Allstars Black Ice 742
10 Virginia Wild WildCats 739.9
11 Elite Wrath 739.7
12 Florida Legacy Jags 739.5

ooppps Look at Midwest Cheer Elite with their 786.2 they are actually in the TOP 50% yet they would not even make the top 60% of their group. (Unless I have an error somewhere)

I know they are trying to be fair, I like the 60%, but why not just rank ALL teams after A & B compete then advance teams. I would be so pisssssed if I was on Midwest Cheer Elite and did not make finals. Just Saying, something like this is bound to happen.

So back to my original question. Do you think the Groups are fairly distributed? Like is Group A easier or harder then group B? All-Girl & Co-ed, come on I am sure someone has done this analysis.
I read somewhere that A and B will be split with paids, partial paids and at larges. They will be judged by the same judges some early afternoon and the other later afternoon. They will then put the group together according to scores and determine who will go on to day 2.