All-Star Worlds Trailer

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Feb 3, 2011
So, I spent my whole Saturday making this video that fit perfectly to the song: "The Show Goes On"... but youtube removed the sound. It let me replace it with a different song, and I chose the song that fit best... so i must apologize, this is a very annoying song, but it actually fits in some parts and its called "Always Winning" or something like that. Anyways, I am still going to share the video... (it's just small senior).
great job! make one for large senior please!
Ok, I will! I have absolutely no life, so it won't be a problem! I will probably get it done most likely tonight, maybe monday. Should I just add the link as a reply to this thread I'm assuming?
that's awesome! but i would love to see one with the small limited coed division ;) haha
Alright, I will! But they take forever, so I will probably do it next weekend, maybe throughout the week!
fab video!
makes me wish i was attending worlds this year plus this is one of may fav divisions:)
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