All-Star Wouldn't The New Worlds Score Sheets Hurt International Teams?

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Dec 15, 2009
Call me crazy but with the focus being turned to "True Single Based Stunts" in the coed divisions, wouldn't that pretty much kill international teams? Especially in the international coed 5 and 6 divisions. I haven't seen many teams internationally do single based stunts. For example, Bangkok was awesome and killed the pyramid portion of the score sheet but actual stunting was not on par with their pyramids and they definitely were not "True Single Based Stunts!"

I'm not hating on international teams one bit because I would LOVE to see Bangkok take home the Gold in international coed 6, as far fetched as it sounds. I just thought Varsity wanted to encourage international teams by changing the score sheets last year AT THE LAST MINUTE, and by limiting how many teams make it to finals so the US teams won't flood the top ten?

Am I missing something or are there some phenomenal international teams out there that can coed stunt their butts off and I don't know about them?
To be honest, this doesn't really change how close the international teams are to the US teams.

But I am working on a solution that makes everyone happy.
I'm pretty sure (not positive so could be wrong) that I saw a mexican team last year do r/o bhs rewind to the top last year in the coed 6 division and I believe some of it not all were unassisted, so I would say there are some that still hold their own as well, like I said could be wrong about the assisted/unassisted part.
wow. it would be great to finally see a international team win worlds! they should just keep the scoresheets the way they were
We are all going to be in trouble if/when China decides to put some real time/effort into the sport. Imagine their #7-14th best gymnasts on a team with professional acrobats and world-class acro-sport stunters. Now imagine that team practicing 8 hours a day for months. Yikes.
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