All-Star WSF Nationals 2010 - Indy Dec 11-12

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Dec 14, 2009
WSF Nationals 2010
Indy - December 11-12
3 Full Paid and 9 At-Large Bids

Who's coming? :)

Step 1 Allstars
CEA Raleigh Level 5 teams usually attend while the rest are at BUTBT.
Can we make a division list? It's only 3 1/2 weeks away!

small tiny 1:
Twisters Elite

small mini 1:
Illinois Cheer Company Joy
Twisters Elite
Ultimate Athletics Monarchs

small mini 2:
Twisters Elite
Ultimate Athletics Princesses

small youth 2:
Illinois Cheer Company
Twisters Elite
Ultimate Athletics Tiaras

small youth 3:
Illinois Cheer Company
Twisters Elite

small junior 1:
Illinois Cheer Company
Ultimate Athletics

small junior 2:
Illinois Cheer Company
Ultimate Athletics Empresses

small junior 3:
Illinois Cheer Company

large junior 3:
Ultimate Athletics Jacks

small junior 4:
Ultimate Athletics Queens

large junior 4:
Illinois Cheer Company

small junior coed 5:
Ultimate Athletics Dynasty

large junior coed 5:
Illinois Cheer Company Unity

small senior 2:
Illinois Cheer Company

large senior 2:
Twisters Elite

small senior 3:
Twisters Elite

large senior 3:
Ultimate Athletics Royals

small senior coed 4:
Twisters Elite
Ultimate Athletics Supremacy

large senior coed 4:
Illinois Cheer Company Passion

small senior 5:
Cheer Extreme
Ultimate Athletics Legacy

small senior limited coed 5:
Illinois Cheer Company Destiny
Twisters Elite Hurricanes

large senior semilimited coed 5:
Step 1 Allstars
Ultimate Athletics Prodigy

large senior unlimited coed 5:
Illinois Cheer Company Inspire (might be semilimited?)
PrimeTyme will be there!

International Coed 5
Large Limited Coed 5
Small Senior Coed 4
Small Coed 3
Junior Coed 4
Small Youth 2