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Aug 16, 2022
this is my sons second season of A.S. At his second practice he broke his Ulna and Radius (July 12) we have been through 4 types of casts and now he is in a splint and not released for any activity. One bone seems not to be healing correctly there is still a visible fracture after 8 weeks. The doctor cannot provide us a time period of when he will be 100% released only we will evaluate that at his next appointment (we have heard this twice) l. We love his gym family and his coaches however I feel like if he continues this season he will push himself to hard when he is released…. Choreo begins this weekend and comp starts late November early December. As a parent or coach, what would you do? Pull him for the season or continue with the season? (Original break vs Most recent X-Ray)


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You listen to the Dr. They aren't giving you an end date because there isn't one. You need to bring the coaches up to speed so that they are on the same page. No one can let him return to full activity until the Dr clears him, or he's risking a much worse injury.

In the meantime, he can probably learn choreo. He also should be working to keep his stamina up. There are non-impact workouts that the Dr should be able to advise on.

Bottom line, your son needs to understand what will happen if he goes too hard too soon. Everyone needs to be on the same page so that when he is finally fully released, he's ready.
I had almost an identical break when I was a kid. It healed quickly, about 5-6 weeks, but it took close to 6 months to build the strength back up for tumbling and high impact activities. Not saying it will take that long, or that it won't be longer. But you need to follow the suggestions of your Doctor. Once it is healed, there will likely be several months of re-strengthening and physio to regain range of motion (I still don't have full range of motion back decades later, but hit doesn't really impact me). I would be having honest conversations with his Doctor, and with his coaches to see what will be needed to fully heal, and what type of participation he can participate in once cleared and how the coaches can work with that before you make any decisions.