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Jul 26, 2010
Sorry if I got that wrong:/

Am I the only one who had started to throw peoples names around the bored, just so they become 'something?' :L <3
No I have done it too. I think that just because someone isn't one of the "top teams" like World Cup or Cheer Extreme or Maryland Twisters or Top Gun or Stingrays, etc etc, that doesn't mean they aren't good. There are sooo many extremely talented and amazing teams that don't get the credit they deserve. So if I feel like posting about one of those underdogs then I will :)
Ditto! Who doesn't want the underdog to get a little shine, especially when it's well deserved. Not only do the smaller gyms not get enough attention but the lower levels don't get their due respect either (IMO). It's always defaulted to Level 5. And that's cool because Level 5 athletes work their but off to get to where they are and trust me, I can't do what they do. But I do wish Levels 1-4 were more appreciated by the general masses.