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    All-Star Iasf (second) Worlds 2021 In October

    All the information you need about the virtual IASF Worlds in October this year! Divisions, live stream and more: https://www.thecheerbuzz.com/iasf-virtual-worlds-2021-divisions-schedule-live-stream-more/
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    All-Star Iasf Worlds In September? Here’s Everything We Know So Far…

    IASF is planning on hosting another cheerleading worlds in September 2021... Here's why & what we know so far: https://www.thecheerbuzz.com/iasf-worlds-in-september-heres-everything-we-know-so-far/
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    All-Star Iasf???

    Hey Guys, Saw a post by Kenny and lisa (spring tumbling) on changes made by the iasf. It spoke of different age grids and different divisions (worldwide, but not applicable for everyone). I didnt now iasf was a thing, i knnow of usasf and icu though. Can someone explain to me what all the...