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Mar 1, 2010
Anyone watching American Idol? Scotty is soooo annoying to me. I have to admit that he IS talented and did a real good job tonight. But I want him voted off already.
Sorry, I disagree. I'm loving me some Scotty. I want him to stay on Idol for a long time. I kinda hope Paul is the one going home this week.
Yeah, Paul just doesn't belong, but Scotty is a close second.
Scotty and Haley are my favorites! I want either Paul or Stefano to leave tonight..they are all so talented this season though!
I can't stand James Durbin and have been waiting for people to be tired of his screeching....Idol already had an Adam Lambert...don't need another one thanks!
I hope Casey and Lauren make it to the end :)
I'm glad Casey stopped all the creepy grunting. He sounded really constipated. Pia and Jacob are my favorites.
I loved Haley and Pia's performances!! Pia is DEFINETly my favorite this season.

The back ground singers were different though :( Usually it's Destinee and Paris Monroe but they may have had prior engagements with working on their album
Pia, Scotty and Lauren!! I don't like Jacob Lusk at all. Stefano is the cutest little thing ever. Paul will do VERY well in Alternative/Rock (sounds just like the lead singer from Thriving Ivory). I think Haley or James will be the next to go. Overall though, I think there's a lot of talent this year.
Scotty, Lauren and Haley are my favorites this season. I think at this point in the competition everyone is super talented but I want Stefano and Jacob to be gone. That's just my opinion because the music they sing is definitely not what I'd prefer to listen to.

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